SAMETRICA is a Software-as-a-Service company that enables governments, enterprises and nonprofits to demonstrate their social, economic, and environmental impact. with almost a decade of experience in impact reporting, SAMETRICA has worked on the most ambitious and large-scale impact reporting projects.

Anshula Chowdhury

(She/Her) Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SAMETRICA with expertise in impact measurement and reporting. Anshula is a recognized expert in impact measurement and reporting in Canada with 10+ years of experience in non-profit, private, and public sectors. She is a founding board member of Social Value Canada, the body for regulating and accrediting impact reports and practitioners in the country. Anshula also sat on the Province of Ontario's Impact Measurement Task Force, which led to the creation of the Common Approach impact reporting data standard. Anshula holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Toronto.

Mark Wicks
Chief Revenue Officer

(He/Him) Chief Revenue Officer at SAMETRICA with 15+ years managing Sales, Operations and Finance teams in the technology and manufacturing sectors. Before joining SAMETRICA, he focused his expertise on building a tech startup from $2M to over $20M in ARR and scaling the team from 20 to 200+ employees. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts from Huron College (University of Western Ontario) and is currently pursuing his Masters in Sales Management & Leadership through the Sandermoen School of Business (University of Fredericton).

Angad Dubey
Chief Technology Officer

(He/Him) Chief Technology Officer at SAMETRICA with expertise in software architecture and application development. Angad is an experienced software architect and full stack developer and has scaled teams from 1 to 10 developers. He has worked in public and private sector environments, including the Canadian Department of Defense and start-ups. Angad has developed SAMETRICA's platform from the ground up, front-end and back-end.

Mansi Mehrotra
Product Manager

(She/Her) Product Manager at SAMETRICA with expertise in Business Analysis and Software Quality Assurance. With 5+ years of experience, Mansi works closely with the product team at SAMETRICA translating business requirements into measurable functional requirements. She also handles the testing activities. Trained in Lean Six Sigma (LSS), DMAIC and Change Management, Mansi is working towards CBAP certification. Mansi received her BA in Engineering from Pune University.

Tawfiq Abdulai
Ontology Engineer

(He/Him) As SAMETRICA's Ontology Engineer, Tawfiq has been developing the Common Approach Ontology with SAMETRICA additions, as well as assisting with our machine learning capabilities and is a key team member behind the SAMETRICA Impact Measurement Wizard. He has designed and executed ontological representations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Canadian Index of Wellbeing, among others inside the ontology. Tawfiq completed his Masters Of Engineering with Dr. Mark Fox at the University of Toronto.

Negin Nahoomi
Machine Learning Specialist

(She/Her) Negin Nahoomi is SAMETRICA’s Machine Learning specialist. Negin completed her Masters thesis in Automatically Coding Occupation titles to a Standard Occupation Classification at the University of Guelph. At SAMETRICA, she developed and trained natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to read and identify phrases and words that are relevant to impact reporting from unstructured text. She is behind the SAMETRICA Impact Measurement Wizard.

Rathish Sekhar
Impact Reporting Consultant

(He/Him) Impact Reporting Consultant at SAMETRICA with experience in designing measurement systems, building partnerships and managing project portfolio. Prior to SAMETRICA, Rathish worked with Nobel Laureate Ester Duflo at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), where he led multiple outcome measurement projects in developed and developing countries. Rathish has 4+ years of experience in conducting research and assessment work in socio-economics and policy sector. 

Engel Lam
Project Manager

(She/Her) Project Manager at SAMETRICA with a broad range of project management experience in high growth technology startups and market research environments. Engel has 5+ years of experience managing client projects, including setting clear expectations of client deliverables, timelines, and resources. At SAMETRICA, Engel has smoothly implemented projects with 140+ stakeholders, in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Engel completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology at the University of Guelph.

VP Non-Human Resources

(He/Him) VP Non-Human Resources at SAMETRICA, with 8 years of experience managing unwelcomed squirrel solicitations and food-left-on-plate violations. Mowgli has a degree in Theatre Arts, majoring in Drama with a minor in Howling.

Payrollover Manager

(She/Her) Harley is SAMETRICA's Payrollover Manager. She is an expert at belly rub receivables and treats-owed expenses. She is certified with the CPA (Cute Puppy Accreditation), and spent the majority of her career as a leader in the technical-nap sector.