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Introducing SAMETRICA

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Logic Model

7974 - Data Insight

A one stop impact reporting solution:

End-to-end tool to create logic models, collect and manage data and generate custom reports

7965 - Automated Solutions

Automated calculation of measures

Direct linkage between data collected and indicators

4980 - Data Access from Folders

Framework repository

Maintain a repository of logic models for all programs across an organization

Data Collector

4953 - Documents

Built-in survey tool

Built-in survey tool, specifically designed for impact reporting

7421 - Confidentiality

De-identified data collection

Gather sensitive information using de-identified option.

7981 - Data Warehouse

Data from multiple sources

Collect data from surveys, uploads and external databases (using API)

8011 - Unstructured Data

Data normalization

Normalize data from different sources collected over different periods


7967 - Cloud Reporting

Real-time, compelling reports

Create real-time and custom reports using drilldowns and advanced filters.

7972 - Data Filtering

Aggregated and individual reports

Create individual and aggregated reports for different programs

Why impact reporting professionals love SAMETRICA.


Manage easily the full life-cycle of impact reporting

No more messing around with spreadsheets, third-party survey products, and ad-hoc reporting. SAMETRICA is an end-to-end impact reporting tool with in-built logic modeling, data collection and compelling reporting.


Save time, stress and effort

When it comes to impact reports, there's a lot of complexity and no room for error. SAMETRICA is easy-to-use, with reports that automatically update when new data is inputted.


Harness artificial intelligence for faster setup

Figuring out what outcome indicators to use can be mind-bending. SAMETRICA’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms recommend indicator components to you.


Get beautiful impact and outcome reports based on verifiable data

Turn your data into compelling dashboards and reports. Get automated Social Return on Investment and outcomes reports that are valuable to all your stakeholders.

Accredited Software

Align with international data standards.

SAMETRICA is the first product to pass certification by Social Value UK. We are compatible with emerging data standards so that you can create reports that align with multiple reporting frameworks at once.

We are aligned with these international impact reporting standards

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